About Us

Gili B is a new type of jewelry manufacturing company, where custom-ization is part of our culture and meticulous attention to detail, design and quality come standard. We believe in innovation and maintain some of the most meticulous quality control measures in the industry. Diamonds and gemstones are precisely cut to perfect proportions, then matched and calibrated to 1/100th of a millimeter.

For over 25 years, owner and designer Gil Bronstein was a partner in Elma-Gil, a company known for setting trends and producing innovative products. He was responsible for eye-catching designs, overseeing manufacturing and quality control of that celebrated brand. Mr. Bronstein created the popular and technically challenging looks for which the company became known, but always longed to infuse the line with more colored stones. With the launch of Gili B, there is more emphasis on fashionable styles and the ability to work with customers to create pieces that are uniquely their own.

While we continue to offer all of the styles that were in Elma-Gil collection, you will discover fresh looks and new direction from Gili B, designed to appeal to the senses and emotions that women will find essential to their jewelry collection. Our focus will never waver from producing jewelry of unsurpassed quality, for discerning women who demand quality as well as intrinsic value.